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Instructor: Charmaine Roberts

Specializing in Wellness

Certified Black Belt and
Personal Trainer

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Kinetic Karate can motivate, empower, and help keep us strong, as well as boost stamina, coordination, range of motion, and mental acuity!

Keeping active and working on flexibility and strength are important to focus on for individual improvement.

Let’s keep moving, keep motivated and have FUN!

What are the benefits of Kinetic Karate?

This program emphasizes and teaches correct use of the body that is safe.  It can be enjoyed at every age, and results in a better quality of life.

  • Strengthens the entire body
  • Increases flexibility, mobility, and balance
  • Improves coordination
  • Quickens reflexes
  • Builds stamina and overall health

Kinetic Karate

The Kinetic chain is the interrelation of the Nervous, Muscular, and Skeletal systems. Our nerves, muscles, and joints work together to create human movement.

Karate training teaches movements that require an increased awareness of one's body and improvement in balance, reflexes, and strength. By developing an individual's balance and strength, renewed confidence and an enthusiasm for normal daily movement can be enhanced.

Kinetic Karate generates movement that creates energy in our muscles and joints. The objective of a dynamic, energetic, and safe karate program is to increase flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, strength, and power with the added benefit of cognitive improvement through concentration, meditative qualities, and repetition of techniques. The overall goal is to help you live your best life by increasing strength and balance, reducing the likelihood of falls, and improving mental acuity and self confidence.

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Introducing Kinetic Karate Classes at The J in Scottsdale